Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

We exist to preserve quality of life and independence by providing community-based, coordinated, and patient- and family-centered care and services.

Our Vision

We will be the leader in providing community-based patient and family-centered care and services through innovative clinical practice, service excellence and outcomes that exceed national benchmarks.

Our Values

We are guided by common standards that drive our priorities, partnerships and organizational decisions. They guide our behaviors and judgments, including how we carry out our Mission and achieve our Vision. Each employee is asked to follow these values, incorporating them into their daily interactions with one another and our patients:

Integrity — We will conduct ourselves in a fair, trustworthy manner and uphold professional and ethical standards.

  • We will Introduce ourselves and explain our role.

Be truthful and maintain confidentiality

Compassion — We will act with empathy, understanding and attentiveness toward all others.

  • We will communicate with warmth, using names, smiling, making eye contact and listening attentively.

Be helpful and show support

Accountability — We will take responsibility for our actions, joining together with colleagues to deliver on our mission.

  • We will answer questions clearly, explain what will happen next and inform others when they can expect to hear from us again.

Take responsibility and always follow through

Respect — We will always treat patients, families and colleagues with dignity and sensitivity, valuing their diversity.

  • We will respond promptly with courtesy and kindness to people’s feelings and concerns.

Build understanding to reach common goals

Excellence — We will lead by example, rising above the ordinary through our personal efforts and those of our teams.

  • We exceed expectations; we will always ask if there is anything else we can do for you.

Demonstrate open and honest communication