Pet Food Program

Our Pet Food Program calls attention to the importance of pets to the well-being of home bound older adults. Helping keep these companion pets – dear friends of our participants – well fed, healthy and part of the family for as long as possible is the motivating factor behind this program. The Pet Food Program began in 2008 with a $1,000 grant from the Season of Suppers campaign. Today, it continues with funding through grants from Meals on Wheels America and community support.


Are all pets accepted on this program?

At this time, the only food we collect is dog and cat food.

Do I get to choose what type of food my pet receives?

Some of the food is purchased, but much of it is donated. We can’t determine what brand or type will be available.

Who can receive food for their pet?

We currently provide this service to Meals On Wheels participants who live in the city of Rochester.

How much food will my dog/cat receive?

The amount of food is based on a nutritional value chart that has been crafted by a veterinarian. It is based on the type of animal, weight and size. We generally provide enough food for a month for your pet.

When do you deliver the pet food?

We deliver once per month on a Saturday.

Can I volunteer to deliver pet food?

Absolutely! Please call Volunteer Services at 585-274-4385.

How can I donate?

You can call our Foundation at 585-274-4253.

For more information call 585-787-8397 or e-mail